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MODULAR KITCHEN,WARDROBE,Two in one: a bedroom wardrobe plus TV-set,"The Kitchen Modular Kitchen Studio" Santacruz Mumbai

The Kitchen
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Welcome to the wonderful world of THE KITCHEN MODULAR KITCHEN STUDIO. Where kitchens don't just dazzle with style, but exemplify clever utilization of available space and offer a world of convenience too. The Kitchen world offers a complete range of innovative solutions right from
  • Basket Pullouts
  • Cabinets, Shutters
  • Accessories
THE KITCHEN MODULAR KITCHEN STUDIO product has been designed keeping in mind kitchen ergonomics so as to pamper 'The queen of the Kitchen' with a world of convenience. Besides, THE KITCHEN innovative solutions help in intelligent space planning, leaving ample scope to make a cool style statement. So go ahead, usher in elegance, convenience and space in your life with THE KITCHEN.


THE KITCHEN MODULAR KITCHEN STUDIO Straight Kitchens exemplify clever utilization of available space and offer a world of convenience too. Commonly known as one-wall or single wall kitchen, Straight Kitchen is mostly suitable for a smaller kitchen area. It has all the work centers along one wall, which makes it less space consuming.
It isso smartly planned according to kitchen requirements that give you a considerably large space for kitchen activities. The storage cabinets are placed overhead making them convenient, easier to reach and space efficient.


The bigger the space, the more elegant your kitchen looks, which is what you get with THE KITCHEN MODULAR KITCHEN STUDIO I-land kitchens. I-land kitchen is well suited for homes that have a large kitchen area. It provides great storage for cabinetry, giving you more drawers, pull out units, magic corners and cabinets.
I-land acts as an extension to your existing kitchen cabinets. The I-land design also allows access from all sides and combines the important working areas of the kitchen into a single and modified structure.


 An L-shaped kitchen, as the name suggests, is a kitchen that spans two walls meeting at a corner of a room. L-shaped kitchens work best in open plan living spaces, thanks to the fact that they're fairly unobtrusive and allow a respectable amount of bench space.
L-shaped kitchens are a standard, popular and versatile layout with excellent ergonomic features. L shaped kitchens make great use of in-corner spaces, can be adjusted to any length, offer multiple worksites, and aren't obstructed by traffic through the workspace

When is an L-shaped kitchen the best choice?

This type of kitchen best suits medium to small spaces. L shaped kitchens generally don’t accommodate multiple cooks very well and are a less efficient choice in larger kitchen areas, although they can be tailored to usefully fit larger open-plan areas provided that the size of thekitchen work triangle is taken into careful consideration.The kitchen work triangle fits inside the juncture of the two legs of the 'L'.Installing an island (or even a retractable or mobile workbench) can add significantly to how useful an L-shaped kitchen can be.
 Who should have an L-shaped kitchen?
Due to its suitability for open plan design, this is a great kitchen for entertainers, or for those with limited space who still like to cook. L shaped kitchens offer an inviting area that can fit a number of people who can keep the host entertained (or vice versa).
The large space is ideal for a kitchen table for family sit-downs and meals with friends, and a well-planned table area can also be used as a work surface if you need the extra room.


  U shaped kitchens provides convenience and space with elegance looks. In these, a continuous countertop and storage system surrounds you from three sides providing maximum efficiency.
With this design layout you get plenty of counter and cupboard area and offers excellent usage of space.Also known as a C shaped kitchen or J shaped kitchen, these layouts help to define a nice kitchen area that can accommodate an island if necessary, and which perfectly fits the 'kitchen work triangle'.

The Peninsula Kitchen

A peninsula kitchen is basically an island anchored to a wall or line of cabinets. It could be a breakfast bar or just extra countertop and storage space. The peninsula gives you more cabinetry without adding a wall, and it’s a good solution for kitchens that lack extra wall space but have the square footage to spare.
This layout allows you to make your kitchen as long as you want. The best width for Peninsula-shaped kitchen with two parallel work surfaces is 7 to 12 feet
  • Ideal for open floor plans
  • Great for rectangular space
  • Efficient for a small kitchen space
  • Can adjust to any length
  • Can easily divide the kitchen into multiple work sites
  • Acts as a divider between rooms – diverts traffic while still giving the chef a view into the adjacent room


Bedroom  wardrobes are a must-have for every home. From clothes and accessories to home Linen , files, and jewellery, wardrobes house our essentials. So, get a wardrobe that best suits your space and storage needs.

Two in one: a bedroom wardrobe plus TV-set

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